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Galaxy S10’s Camera Setups Explained – Expected To Feature 3,4 & 5 Cameras

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 is set to release early next year and we’ve learnt a lot about the device but the information just keeps on pouring. Samsung hasn’t been very good at keeping secrets, or perhaps they have nothing to hide. The S10 will be one of the most polarizing smartphones of 2019 with 5G technology at its disposal thanks to the Snapdragon 855 SoC and the X50 modem. The phone will have an Infinity-O display similar to what we have in the Galaxy A8s with a complex set of under-screen sensors providing an insane screen to body ratio.

This time around, Ice Universe has come up with leaks regarding the camera set up on all three versions of the S10. According to the tweet, the S10 Lite which will be the budget variant will house dual rear-facing cameras and a single front-facing sensor. The S10 will house a single front-facing camera with 3x rear-facing shooters while the S10+ will house an extra front-facing camera making it have a total of 5 cameras. With Samsung being creative with the Galaxy A series we expect them to perfect the already existing technology in the newly bred S10’s while keeping the consumers happy.

It seems that the manufacturer would like to go for quite a variety of devices having three different variants for the first time ever. One thing of notice here is that the S10+ will cover up more screen space with those dual front sensors which may or may not be a deal breaker for a sum of fellows. With the competition in the competition in the mid-range smartphone markets getting more and more intense as each day passes, it’ll be interesting to see how Samsung plans on approaching the consumers. Samsung also has the habit of going in a completely different direction than the rest of the market providing aesthetic features like the headphone jack and avoiding the notch design as a whole.

It is worth praising that in recent years Samsung as a whole has improved quite dramatically and has now achieved their own speciality and personality which many manufacturers still struggle to achieve. The Galaxy S10 will definitely turn a lot of heads and followed by a ton of leaks we expect no less. The device will be a sensation and we will all be waiting eagerly for when it all unfolds.


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