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NZXT Introduces The PUBG Pan Puck For Collectors

When it comes to premium PC components, NZXT is a name unknown to few. The brand is known to make quality products with neat features like nobody. Just recently the manufacturer announced a headphone holder termed “Puck” by many PC enthusiasts. However, this Puck is not like any other and is themed on PUBG. As we all know how Battle Royale games have conquered the modern online gaming space, NZXT in an attempt to make a difference has given collectors an opportunity to enthusiasts to show their love and support for the game.

The PUBG Pan Puck is themed on the iconic Pan available in the game which has a unique purpose of defending bullets. The Pan Puck itself is made out of durable non-conductive and hazardous-free silicone which means that the Puck is built to last no matter how intense the battle gets. at the back of the pan are powerful magnets which allow the holder to stick to almost any computer case with ease. NZXT has decided to keep the production low and only 2000 units of the iconic pan will ever be produced so stay tuned to reserve your piece.  The product is to retail at a price of $29.99 but no updates on when it will be released were disclosed.

As we all know how PUBG has been the talk and walk of the year hence this move by NZXT will draw a significant chunk of attention towards them which will, in turn, result in greater sales. The brand never ceases to surprise enthusiasts and at this steady pace, they are likely to grow even more.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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