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PUBG’s Snow-Themed Vikendi Map Arrives Later This Month – Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Bluehole has finally summoned their ultimate card, the snow-themed Vikendi map. Months after it was initially teased at E3 2018, the folks over at Bluehole have finally decided to announce the Vikendi map for the masses.

The new map comes almost six months after it was barely teased at E3 2018. The snow-themed map is said to arrive on PCs, Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4 consoles on December 19th, 2018.

Based on the information provided by the folks over at Bluehole Studios, the new snow-filled map, Vikendi, would feature a total area of 6km x 6km, which means that players would be able to explore approximately 36km2 of land. Vikendi combines and mobility of Erangel and combines that with the same chaos that is found in Sanhok. Compared to Sanhok’s 4km x 4km map area, the new map is about 2.25x larger than Sanhok which makes complete sense.

Being a winter-themed map, players would interestingly be able to track their prey simply by following their footsteps, adding yet another factor of concern while you lurk around the map.

However, it doesn’t end there. Not only would players see a whole new map and a fresh perspective for PUBG, but players would also be able to find the new G36 rifle as well as the new snowmobile making its way into the game.

With the game launching on the PlayStation 4 and its family of consoles yesterday, Bluehole mentioned that they’ve done PlayStation 4 Pro-specific optimizations to take advantage of the extra power. Given how PUBG runs on the Xbox One X, it seems unlikely that we may see major performance improvements anytime soon.

If you’re keen to jump into the new map right now, you could do that right now by launching PUBG’s test servers.

As the festive season begins, rejuvenating their player base at such a time was indeed crucial, especially considering that PUBG has lost more than 70% of its player base in the past 11 months. How well the new map would keep players rejuvenated is yet to be seen, especially after all the chaos Fortnite introduces with every season.

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