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Samsung’s Fast-Charging Tech Poised To Offer Speedier Charges, Rumors Suggest

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
Usman Abdul Jabbar
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2018 played an immense role in reminding manufacturers how important battery sizes are. With devices now featuring 4000mAh batteries as sort of a standard now, fast-charging tech requires a few revamps and it seems like Samsung may have just realized it. Prime examples that stood out this year were the Huawei Mate 20/20 Pro, the Poco F1 (review), the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (review) and more. In a tweet posted by our trusty Ice Universe, it seems like the aforementioned subject is now one of Samsung’s priorities now that we’re about to sail into 2019.

Fast-Charging tech is needed more than ever nowadays. Back then when Oppo and a few companies introduced the technology, no a lot of consumers were amused by the tech. As batteries enlarge, eventually increasing charging times, manufacturers caught onto the fact and begun including the technology with Qualcomm taking responsibility for devices powered by its SoCs while others took their own way.

Samsung smartphone 15w charging will become history… said Ice Universe via Twitter

While no hints were revealed in the post, what’s being implied is pretty clear. You see, Samsung’s fast-charging tech hasn’t been the best in the industry. With Oppo leading the charge by pushing 40W down supported devices with its SuperVooc technology. And Oppo’s fast-charging tech is no joke, that’s for sure. Featuring a 3730mAh battery, the Oppo Find X charges its large battery in less than 35 minutes. That’s about a quarter of the time it takes to fill in a 3730mAh battery compared to other major OEMs with their 15W power delivery.

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If Samsung does manage to do something major, it’d better be worth it. Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 5.0 technology has also been poised recently suggesting that it would be able to push 32W of charge. That’s a 77% improvement. Whether Samsung plans to reach Qualcomm’s levels or if they plan to improve charging times has to be respected, after all, they need to make the Galaxy S10 revolutionary, don’t they?


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