Top 5 Smartwatches for Android Smartphones

Thanksgiving is over and the holiday shopping season is in full swing. Now is the time to choose a smartwatch that will pair easily with your Android phone. If you’re having trouble choosing the right one, here are five options that you can get this holiday season.

Fossil Sport

The Android smartwatch industry has had a tough time. That’s slowly changing thanks to the Fossil Sport. This smartwatch includes the Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset.

The Fossip Sport comes in two sizes: 41mm and 43mm. It includes an OLED touchscreen, heart rate monitor, 5ATM water/dust resistance, and wear OS technology.

The Fossil Sport is one of the best Android smartwatches because it doesn’t look like a smartwatch. It goes with everything in your wardrobe. It’s perfect for every occasion.

It’s lightweight enough to wear for the most challenging activities. This smartwatch comes with 18mm or 22mm bands, which are slimmer than other bands on the market. It also comes in a variety of colors for men and women.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy is set to take on Apple with its own line of Tizen-powered smartwatches.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the best smartwatches that can be paired with Android smartphones.

It features an OLED display, NFC for Samsung, GPS, 5ATM water resistance, a heart rate monitor, and a Samsung-manufactured processor.

This watch is heavy-duty with its metal design and Corning DX+ glass.

The Samsung Galaxy watch has an impressive battery life that lasts between 4 and 6 days, depending on it size. You can choose between the 42mm or the 46mm. It also features a rotating bezel and has the ability to charge wirelessly while traveling.

Skagen Falster 2

This is one of the best Android smartwatches for various wrist sizes. The Skagen Falster 2 is perfect for big wrists as it is for smaller wrists.

Its 40mm stainless steel casing just fits about any size. It’s a smartwatch that looks like a classic watch.

The Skagen Falster 2 features the Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset. It also has 3ATM water/dust resistance, NFC, GPS, and a rotating button for navigation.

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro

This smartwatch comes packed with the new Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset. It also has an extensive battery life that’s hard to beat on the market. The Ticwatch Pro uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset. It also features an OLED display and Wear OS.

The 46mm case size is made entirely out of plastic with pieces of metal. It’s finished off with a leather/silicone band that’s suitable for any size wrist. It’s also compatible with a 22mm band if you prefer.

Mobvoi Ticwatch E

This is the second smartwatch from Mobvoi that has made this list. It’s also one of the most affordable smartwatches on the list. The Ticwatch E made its debut a year ago, but it’s still one of the best Android smartwatches to this day.

While this watch is made out of plastic, it’s still pleasing on the eyes. It comes in your choice of three colors: black, white, or yellow.

The Mobvoi Ticwatch E has a 44mm diameter that looks great on smaller wrists. It features a 300mAh battery, MTK MT2601 dual-core processor, 400×400 OLED display, and 512MB of RAM.

This gift guide should give you an idea of which smartwatches to use with your Android phone.

Some of these smartwatches have been on the market for years, while others just came out. Don’t forget to install spyware for Android to prevent hackers from targeting your devices.


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