Xiaomi Launches A New Electronic Notebook For Enthusiasts

Xiaomi has been making a name for itself internationally at a ready steady pace. The company has a wide range of products ranging from smartphones to electric scooters and everything in-between. One of the most recent additions being the Xiaomi Electronic Notebook. The market for digital notebooks has gained a lot of popularity these past few years and Xiaomi out of all has decided to tackle the markets. The platform not only allows artists to let their doodles come to life but also acts as a proper noting instrument for those wanting without any distractions.

The market, however, is still pretty young and most would argue that the electronic notebooks should cease to exist given how most tablets also happen to promote these features. The Xiaomi notebook also comes with a pen along with a mobile app available on iOS and  Android. The app allows users to guide users taking tutorials sketching off an image. Moreover, the app supports PNG, JPEG, GIF and MP4 formats. It is made of about 40 sheets of 100 grams each and the pen comes with a 0.6mm tip which allows users to attain an incredible 1400points precision.
Xiaomi Launches A New Electronic Notebook For Enthusiasts 4

The app, on the other hand, has quite a few neat features such as downloadable sketches and an option to share art with friends and family. The notebook itself is expected to release January 7, 2019, in Chinese import stores with a price tag of $36. It is certain that the brand is proving its worth by cornering Asian markets outside the smartphone world. As newer products get released, the company has shown interest in expanding globally starting from Europe.

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