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Xiaomi’s Poco Team Is Teasing A New Device – Could Be A Snapdragon 855-Powered Poco

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
Usman Abdul Jabbar
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Xiaomi has just teased some major news for it’s newly formed sub-brand Poco. After garnering a massively successful run with the Poco F1, the folks over at the Poco division aren’t done with their launches yet.

In a series of tweets, Poco India has been tweeting continuously suggesting that they would be dropping major news regarding a new Poco device tomorrow. We already know why the Poco F1 (review) was a major hype generator, but if Xiaomi wants to continue its hype machine to roll on, it’d better be ready to really reveal some major news regarding their new Poco device tomorrow.

There’s a #NewPOCO in town? and it’s dropping here tomorrow! Are you ready? RT if you’re feeling hyped! – said Poco India on Twitter

So far, they’ve been explicitly been mentioning the arrival of a new device. However, only time would tell if this new Poco device would be an additional variant of the Poco F1 or if this would be the successor to the Poco F1. However, given how long the Poco F1 has been in the market, the latter of the two seems to be unlikely. However, the former could be possible too now that Lenovo has taken the lead on the Snapdragon 855 with the launch of the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT.

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Given that they are still being vague regarding what the teaser is, there’s a good chance that Xiaomi could be preparing a mid-range device featuring a Snapdragon 660/675 SoC to tackle the newly introduced Realme 2 Pro and Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2. After all, Xiaomi must be feeling the burn as reports emerged that Realme had become the best-selling brand thanks to the Realme 2 Pro last month.

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Now that there’s less than two hours left towards the announcement of this mysterious Poco device, we’re keen to see what bunnies Xiaomi would be pulling out of its “Agra-Kadabra” hat tomorrow. Simply judging by the tweets, I personally have high expectations for the device. Although, I’m just as skeptical too. Fingers crossed until tomorrow.


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