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Xiaomi Showcases The 5G Version Of The Mi MiX 3 Powered By The Snapdragon 855

The Snapdragon 855 SoC is out and rolling for smartphone manufacturers to use. One of the most notable features about the chip was the ability to fully support 5G technology and maintain speeds which were once unthinkable. Xiaomi has always shown interest in 5G, especially for the Asian market region. The Brand has been a sensation in Asia and if it somehow managed to bring in a device which fully supports the technology then they may very well corner the markets.

Xiaomi in an interview with us stated that the Mi MiX will be getting a 5G version and will indeed comprise of a new SKU. Today, Xiaomi showcased the 5G version of Mi MIX 3 at the China Mobile Global Partner Conference. The 5G version of the Mi MiX 3 will host a Snapdragon 855 which will allow it to achieve insane bandwidth of over 2 Gbps. The new 5G technology is still in its early stages and will take time to go mainstream among the general public. We may be able to witness 5G in the hands of consumers as early as early 2019. The technology will allow 4K video streaming and downloading hassle-free and almost instantaneous. Moreover, this will drastically improve AI thanks to a ton of new perks of 5G which are yet to be uncovered such as navigation, predictions and precautions.
Xiaomi Showcases The 5G Version Of The Mi MiX 3 Powered By The Snapdragon 855 4
When the 855 was announced we expected a contender like Samsung to get hold of the device first but the latest reports paint a different picture. Xiaomi has definitely stepped up its game especially in the international markets by bringing their signature products worldwide. Now, it all comes down to how the company manages this technology and how the IT giants in Asia react to their move. It is more than clear that it will take some time for it to mature and Xiaomi would like to jointly promote 5G with IT companies.

Furthermore, the fact that Xiaomi actually decided to bring 5G to the Mi MiX instead of the Mi 8 is certainly worth noting. Given how the Mi 8 is considered to be the signature smartphone by the manufacturer. The Mi Mix 3, thanks to its convertible design offers innovation which is guaranteed to succeed in the age where everyone is trying to stretch the screen to body ratios to the extreme. It is clear that Xiaomi wants to keep pushing the limits and they would definitely want to challenge the all-time premium manufacturers.

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