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A New Xiaomi Blackshark Device Surfaces On Geekbench – Codenamed “Skywalker”

Gaming smartphones have come a long way thanks to the drastic improvement in smartphone hardware. Handheld gaming was a concept persuaded by many manufacturers a decade ago. Sony released the PSP while Nintendo was doing well with the GameBoy but it is clear that smartphones are to carry on this trend towards 2019 and so on. In 2018 a variety of gaming smartphones were released by Asus, Razer and Xiaomi. As 2019 comes, so comes a new SoC and a new opportunity for anyone wanting to get their hands on the chip. The Snapdragon 855 not only provides better CPU performance but a well-respected increment in the GPU department as well.

Xiaomi seems to be on a spree to be working on multiple devices. First the separation of the Redmi brand and the expected release of a new Redmi device tomorrow then the surfacing of an unexpected Snapdragon 855 device codenamed “Cepheus” and now we’ve got the Geekbench results of the next BlackShark device. The result popped up on the Geekbench results browser by a device named “Blackshark Skywalker”. We’re looking at a single core score of 3494 with a multicore score of 11149 paired with 8GB of RAM and Android Pie. Looking at the numbers here it is safe to say that the device will be extremely powerful, to say the least. The scores are almost twice as good as the Kirin 980 on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro which was said to have a similar architecture as the 855. The ARM implementer 81 architecture 8 variant 13 part 2052 revision 14 is the evidence that the phone will, in fact, be housing a Snapdragon 855 hence the technological improvements are definitely to look out for.

With CES 2019 ongoing we could expect Xiaomi to showcase something out of the blue since the timing here is so crucial. The race for the first full-fledged 5G goes on as Samsung tries its best to be the first ever to do so and Xiaomi lingering close behind. With video games progressing at a rapid pace for smartphones the market for gaming smartphones is yet to mature but we can see where it places itself and how an audience is built up.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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