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Fortnite Has A “Top Secret” Event & It Seems To Be Related To The Dungeon

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Epic Games could be sneaking in yet another major live event in Fortnite. Following the latest update, Fortnite Content Update 7.10 #3, leaks have emerged suggesting the start of a major event beginning today thanks a datamine caught by FNBRLeaks on Twitter.

Something Major Could Happen In Fortnite Over The Next Week Or Two

On Twitter, FNBRLeaks has just released a screenshot of what allegedly seems to be dubbed as the “Top Secret”. Epic has done a number events in the past and there’s a good chance that Epic could be planning to do yet another live event by next week.

The screenshot showcased by the leaker suggests that this “Top Secret” event has begun today and would run until January the 15th. next week. Several hints and leaks have suggested that Epic could be unfolding some major turn of events over the next few weeks and with this now being caught thanks to a pair of peeled eyes, it seems like everything is lining up.

Given that it suggests that the event has begun today while nothing changed as of yet simply tells us that the week-long event could be the resultant of the amount of time the ice is taking to melt.

Last month, YouTuber, MrTop5 managed to unveil some major information regarding the series of events that are about to unfold. With the help of a glitch, MrTop5 managed to get into a sealed secret lair that wasn’t supposed to be revealed until later. As soon as MrTop5 got in, there were a number of spectacles to behold including an area what seems to be a jail cell as well as a series of eggs that seem to be oddly connected to The Visitor from the Season 4 event found in a separate room of the secret lair.

Apparently, the leaked secret lair wouldn’t be small. However, since he wasn’t supposed to be there, is he did go out of bounds, it would automatically kick him out of the lair forcing him to repeat the whole process to get in again.

The second reason why this seems to be linked to a “Dungeon” is that, apparently, one of the developers at Fortnite, Donald Mustard has just changed his location to “The Dungeon” as soon as servers came back up featuring the new Fortnite Content Update 7.10 #3 patch.

There seems to be a ton of rumors backing the whole ordeal and it seems like Epic Games is planning to make such events occur much more frequently. Whatever this entails seems to be a huge deal and we couldn’t wait to see what happens by the end of this month.


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