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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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HomeNewsGoogle To Acquire Fossil's Smartwatch Technology For $40M

Google To Acquire Fossil’s Smartwatch Technology For $40M

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Ibtehaj Temuri
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Smartwatches have shaped up the modern fashion wear for a wide range of audiences. The smartwatch category not only focusses on fashion and productivity but also targets tech enthusiasts with innovative tech built right into your wrist device. Fossil out of all pushed innovation in smartwatches to the very extreme with their unique design and is one of the most popular brands when it came down to looks and practicality. The company itself was doing very well until 2018 and topped our top 5 smartwatch list for 2018.

Google, however, confirmed that it will acquire Fossil Group’s smartwatch tech for a whopping $40 million and will continue to work on the technology to improve it even more. It is clear that Google wants to jump in the smartwatch race and with Samsung and Apple’s smartwatches already established, Google would not want to start from scratch. The smartwatches will continue to run Google’s Wear OS and thanks to this shift of authority we may expect a jump in the consumer base. CNBC also reported an 8% increase in Fossil’s stock market price which is definitely worth noting. The deal itself is expected to close out this month.

The new smartwatch is set to compete with Apple’s smartwatch and every other major competitor coming in Google’s way. This acquisition will most certainly benefit Google and with a change of power, we can expect a change in game plan as well. This will not only bring a wider range of audiences towards the platform but will also allow Google to completely set up its ecosystem similar to how Apple operates. It will definitely be interesting to see how Google covers the ever-growing market for smartwatches for they’ll certainly need to bring something new to the table.


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