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The Samsung Galaxy S10 Would Feature A Much Improved Software Experience Around The Punch-hole

The punch hole displays or how Samsung likes to call the “Infinity-O” displays have started to emerge at a steady rate. It seems that the adaption of the punch hole design has been faster than the last gen notch. The minimalistic hole seems to appeal more to manufacturers and consumers which not only maximizes the screen to body ratio but also manages to give the device an aesthetic look. Samsung out of all is definitely the biggest brand to hop in the bandwagon and consumers certainly have high hopes for their upcoming Galaxy S10.

Samsung released its first ever punch hole smartphone back in 2018 dubbed the Galaxy A8s having a top corner hole and no sort of notch. Samsung has been quite determined on their game plan avoiding all sort of trends in 2018 and now it seems they plan on leading one. Ice Universe released a video showcasing the A8s and how Samsung built its software around that punch hole. It is no doubt that many of the Chinese manufacturers have joined the race but it is clear that only Samsung is capable to refine the design as compared to competitors. The short footage shows how one can access the camera from the lock screen on their A8s and possibly the S10.

Samsung has conveyed how they approached the Alpha series by experimenting more and more and then bringing that innovation to the flagship lineup. This proves to be a very bold move by Samsung to actually give the Alpha series a proper introduction after all these years. The Chinese budget smartphones definitely have influence over the decision but it proves to be a valid move. Software development has come a long way for Samsung. Gone are the days when one would convey his pain of using TouchWiz and a third party launcher was almost a necessity. The software aspect of the punch hole design will most certainly be of immense value and if perfected could outrun competitors. If they play their cards in order like they have been doing then success is inevitable.

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