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Samsung Galaxy S10 Coming With “Excellent” Battery Optimizations & Cooling

It seems like leaks regarding Samsung’s upcoming flagships, the Samsung Galaxy S10 keep coming in. As we continue to put an end to the first month of 2019, some noteworthy news regarding the Galaxy S10 family has just emerged.

According to Ice Universe, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 would feature a ton of battery optimizations as well as a much more “advanced cooling structure”. This means that not only has Samsung refined their SoCs, but it seems like they should be adding a collection of battery optimizations on the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup of devices. Top that off with a much more efficient cooling process and Samsung could potentially introduce some major revamps to the overall experience of their upcoming devices.

If true, this could put Samsung in a spotlight yet again after companies like Huawei have been showing off their innovation over the past few years.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Coming With "Excellent" Battery Optimizations & Cooling 4

Huawei, with the P20 lineup and the Mate 20 lineup have been very vocal about their battery optimizations. Since Huawei has been working on these tweaks for quite a while, it’s respectable to see Samsung borrowing a few of those tweaks and possibly even add a few of their own on the Samsung Galaxy S10. Moreover, coupling that with the new battery sizes that are expected to debut on the new Galaxy S10 lineup and we should see Samsung finally winning some hearts again.

According to previous leaks, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, S10, S10 Plus are said to feature 3100mAh, 3500mAh, and 4000mAh batteries. Additional leaks have also suggested that not only would Samsung bump up the battery sizes on their upcoming devices, but the Galaxy S10 Plus specifically would be 9% thinner than the S9 Plus despite the fact that it would be packing a larger cell under its shell.

What specifically does the “advanced cooling structure” entail is yet to be seen. However, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Samsung going with vapor-chamber liquid cooling yet again this year now that they’ve introduced it with the Galaxy Note 9.

All-in-all, we can’t wait to see what Samsung has in store for their Galaxy S10 Unpacked event. There’s a ton of hype surrounding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 lineup and we’re definitely expecting to see Samsung put on a show now that their rivals from the Chinese coast are gaining on them.

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