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Samsung Galaxy S10+ Has A 15% Larger Battery & Is 9% Thinner

It seems like leaks regarding the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus are about to get a whole lot more detailed following the official announcement of Samsung’s Unpacked event.  Leaks from Ice Universe are continuing to pour in and it seems like Samsung has made some major strides this year to make the Samsung Galaxy S10 family of devices more appealing than ever before. According to a leak tweeted by the credible tipster, it seems like Samsung is about to play the “thin” game all over again with the tipster tipping that the Galaxy S10 Plus would come with a 9% thinner body as well as a 15% larger battery compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S9 Plus.

The tipster did release specifics regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Specifics tweeted by the tipster suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus would feature a 7.8mm body as well as a larger 4000mAh battery under its glass shell. This means that not only would the S10 Plus be thinner than the S9 Plus, but it seems like the battery department is about to get a major upgrade as well for those who craved for it the most.

A lot of the thickness reduction could suggest that Samsung would be going to a much larger battery this time around, similar to what Apple does with their phones, which in turn, allows them to cover the battery over a larger surface area while keeping the phone thin, nice, and neat.

While Huawei has hit the 4200mAh mark with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, it would be respectable Samsung catching up with the rest of the pack as battery sizes have become the trend manufacturers have begun giving attention to.

With the event underway, we’re expecting a whole lot more leaks to come in the upcoming days, especially considering that there’s more than a month left before Samsung’s Unpacked event begins.

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