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Samsung Galaxy S10 Set To Be Revealed On February The 20th

Samsung has finally unveiled the first teasers regarding their upcoming flagship… beginning with the announcement of their “UNPACKED” event in San Francisco. The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S10 and its family of devices would be officially revealed at the event sketching the future of Samsung’s innovations and strides along the way.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Set To Be Revealed On February The 20th 4

Following all the leaks, rumors and renders, tech enthusiasts have a pretty good idea of what the Samsung Galaxy S10 may look like and what Samsung’s of S10 consists of. So far leaks have suggested that Samsung could be launching the Samsung Galaxy S10 in three variants, while some rumors suggested that the variant count to be as high as four. However, pretty much every leak has suggested and has mentioned the three core variants of the Samsung Galaxy S10, that is, the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Lite, and the S10 Plus… with the fourth variant being touted as the highest-end variant of the four emphasizing its capabilities on 5G.

With the end pretty much confirmed at this point, we couldn’t wait to see more leaks coming in within the next thirty to forty days that we have here. And as usual, we wouldn’t be surprised this time around if someone at Samsung prematurely releases a TVC of the Galaxy S10 via their official channels like what happened to the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 last year.

Now that Samsung has begun the race, with a probable release of the device in the following month (March), there’s a good chance that our predictions regarding the early release of the Xiaomi Mi 9 could become true now that OnePlus would follow suit.

To read everything we’ve covered about the Samsung Galaxy S10 and its family of devices this far, have a look at our Galaxy S10 coverage.

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