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Samsung Notebook Odyssey 2019 Launched – Sports An 8th-Gen Intel Core i7 & RTX 2080

Samsung definitely seems to be getting serious for the PC gaming market as it continues to get aggressive by the day. Their latest announcement, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey 2019 has just been announced by Samsung following their CES 2019 coverage.

Samsung Notebook Odyssey 2019 Features Nvidia’s new RTX 2080 GPU – Here’s What It’s All About

The newly-announced Samsung Notebook Odyssey 2019 comes right after Nvidia’s announcement of the RTX 2060. It features high-end internals and an incredible array of features for gamers. With Samsung Notebook Odyssey 2019, we’re looking at an 8th-gen hexa-core Intel Core i7 CPU, an Nvidia RTX 2080, 16GB RAM, a 256GB NVMe SSD, 1TB HDD, and a 15.6-inch Full HD display under the hood.

Further mesmerizing the experience, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey comes with thin side-bezels, G-Sync support, and 144Hz support for some crazy smooth frame-timings.

To keep everything cool, Samsung revealed that they’ve included two “Jet Blade” blowers that sport 83 blades each along with a penta-pipe cooling system that allows the system to run at manageable temperatures during long gaming sessions.

If you do plan to upgrade the storage on the notebook, you could either swap our the HDD or even populate the extra NVMe SSD slot within the notebook’s clamshell.

With all of this performance, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey doesn’t manage to give us a sick face. Impressively enough, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey packs all of this power within a shell that’s no thicker than two of your overage smartphones stacked on top of each another.

Samsung Notebook Odyssey Pricing & Availability

As of this moment, Samsung has shown that it would be targeting the US market with the Samsung Notebook Odyssey first, followed by launches in several other Asian regions at an unknown date.

Regarding pricing, Samsung hasn’t given us any clue regarding how this beast of a machine would be priced. However, given the internals Samsung is offering here, it won’t be cheap, especially with Razer new Blade lineup around.

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