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Xiaomi Launches Its Biggest Mi Store of Europe In Paris, France

Xiaomi has been phenomenal with their product lineup these past couples of years. The momentum gained by the company is definitely worth praising since the Mi brand went from nothing to one of the most important smartphone manufacturers. Xiaomi released quite a few polarizing devices last years from the Pocophone F1(Review) to the Mi Mix 3. It is clear that Xiaomi promotes versatility and plans on expanding globally.

After immense success in the Asian and Indian markets, Xiaomi has started to take baby steps in conquering the European markets as well. It all started with Xiaomi products going on sale in the UK and now the brand plans on launching its Mi stores throughout the continent. Xiaomi inaugurated the biggest Mi store in Europe just this week. The Mi store would showcase all Xiaomi products from smartphones to electric scooters and everything in between. It is evident that Xiaomi wants to leave a mark on the international scale and what better way than to open up their largest outlet in the world famous Champs-Élysées in Paris.

The inauguration ceremony also resulted in Xiaomi giving away gifts worth over €50,000 this not only resulted in an overwhelming turnout but also spread their message to provide quality products at honest pricing. This move by Xiaomi will not only make an average consumer aware of the brand but will make their products more accessible throughout the continent without any hassle. One of the most appealing quality about the manufacturer is that they cover almost every single market when it comes to consumer technology and getting into their ecosystem is extremely easy. The dawn of Mi stores could possibly mean that Xiaomi devices for the first time ever will directly compete with mainstream smartphones like Apple, Samsung and various other international brands.

This global expansion if carried on throughout various other cities could spell trouble for competitors and may very well mean a new target for the irresistible Mi products.

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