ASRock Introduces Phantom Gaming X Radeon VII GPU, First GPU Based On A 7nm Architecture

AMD has just launched the ASRock labelled Radeon VII gaming GPU. The manufacturer has always been keen on bringing innovation to all the little things that matter. Refining and redefining existing technology are what they’ve done best and the latest Radeon VII lives up to the hype. Bringing 7nm architecture to GPUs for the first time allows room for better efficiency, better thermals and most importantly better overall performance.

The Radeon VII comes with all sorts of goodies like the 16GB 4096-bit HBM2 memory including complete support for DirectX 12, Vulcan and Open GL 4.5. The Phantom Gaming X Radeon VII based on the latest 7nm Vega technology offers a substantial overall improvement over the previous Radeon RX GPUs. The GPUs achieves a base/boost frequency of 1400/1750 MHz while housing twice the video memory than previous Radeon cards not to mention the 1TB/s maximum memory bandwidth that is 2.1 times of the previous generation.

ASRock Introduces Phantom Gaming X Radeon VII GPU, First GPU Based On A 7nm Architecture 4

The manufacturer claims that the new Phantom Gaming X Radeon VII performs 29% better than any of the previous RX cards in video games while having a 35% increased overall efficiency when it comes to daily tasks. The Radeon VII offers quality performance in all sorts of tasks like gaming, VR and 3D rendering while keeping up the efficiency thanks to the new 7nm architecture.

The graphics card comes loaded with all the AMD exclusive features like Freesync 2 HDR technology which completely supports 8K resolution for creators to explore more and more. It also has three DisplayPort 1.4 and one HDMI 2.0b ports to support up to four displays for multi-monitor output.

The triple fan setup allows the GPU to stay cool despite a heavy workload and keeps the ASRock mean look. The GPU is available on sale here and has a limited edition bundle with The Division 2, Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5 adding up over $180 of value. Overall the latest addition to AMD’s fleet of Vega cards seems to hit all the high notes and is definitely a valid choice for enthusiasts.

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