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Fortnite’s Battle Island Just Shook For A Brief Few Seconds – The Tale Isn’t Over Yet

It seems like the folks over at Epic Games aren’t done with Season 7’s fair share of massive events. Following the resurrection of the Ice King as well as the introduction of Marshmello, it seems like the string of events isn’t over.

Following yesterday’s content update dubbed at Content Update 7.30, players have just reported that the Battle Island has just experienced an earthquake. While players had experienced earthquakes in the past, a lot of them had to do with graphical glitches in the game. However, in a recent post by a user on Reddit, it seems like this earthquake could be the real deal.

Not only did the ground rumble but it had growled along with it suggesting, heck, even teasing some major changes coming to Fortnite over the course of the next month or two.

There’s a ton we could speculate. However, there are two possible outcomes of the earthquake. Either this has something to do with the dragon eggs in the dungeon or either this calls for a revamped island in Fortnite. Either way, it looks to be exciting.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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