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Why The Galaxy S10e Is The New Pixel 3 Killer

The Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL are both exceptional smartphones when it comes down to their all round performance. As a flagship released in 2018 both the smartphones rock the Snapdragon 845 SoC which is pretty standard. The Pixel devices do add a layer of smoothness when Android smartphones are considered but the price and the release date of the smartphone has put Google at a tough spot.

Google’s Approach For The Pixel In 2019 – $200 Slashed Off

Why The Galaxy S10e Is The New Pixel 3 Killer 6

Google’s smartphone approach has been very different ever since the Pixels. The Pixel smartphones instead of releasing at the start of a year end up releasing in October only 4 months behind smartphones to be released the next year. This small gap especially in the Android market space puts Google in an awkward position with only 4 months for the device to keep up with its competition. Google’s marketing has been very unique and it is arguable that the smartphone has a set of features exclusive only to Google mainly in the software department.

Google reportedly sliced off $200 off their Pixel 3 lineup with the Pixel 3 XL now coming in at $699. This move would surely attract more consumers but Google doesn’t really hold a huge chunk of market space and its competitors have come up with devices with a similar price tag but with updated internals. The Galaxy S10e is a perfect example of a crisis Google has to face thanks to new budget smartphones crushing the levels of innovation. With a striking difference in internals and geometry, the Galaxy S10e offers a better design thanks to the punch hole design. The front of the device looks a lot cleaner and as far as other features are concerned, Samsung has fitted the Galaxy S10e with the top of the line camera sensors, in display fingerprint sensors and the latest update of One UI.

The Galaxy S10e – A Smartphone Built To Kill

Why The Galaxy S10e Is The New Pixel 3 Killer 7

As MWC 2019 proceeds, a ton of new smartphones begins their journey powered by the new Snapdragon 855 SoC. Most of them hosting 5G capabilities, better efficiency and better numbers in general. Samsung itself did unveil the Galaxy S10 in all its glory with a ton of new improvements and a much better design. With the regular S10, Samsung also unveiled the Galaxy S10e for a more budget oriented audience. The phone itself is remarkable even by 2019’s standards with the top of the line specifications and features.

Coming in at only $749, the S10e offers the complete Samsung experience, cutting down on only a few features, such as an extra sensor at the front and back compared to the other S10s. Moreover, the device consists of the same materials used for the other S10s including the main SoC, the 855. Samsung has clearly transmitted its message to competitors and has delivered a flagship with flagship grade features at such an affordable price.

Conclusion & Ending Words

For a person to purchase a smartphone in 2019, given the options he’d clearly go for the Galaxy S10e since it is the more sensible choice. Excluding pure die hard fans of Google and its software experience most would rather enjoy having the most updated specs and internals than a phone having last year’s specs while costing almost the same. For Google to succeed in the fast paced smartphone world, they’d need to level up their game and pose a more serious threat to the kingpins of the smartphone world. With Chinese manufacturers termed to be the underdogs, Google’s place yet remains unknown and uncertain.

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