Leaked Nvidia GTX 1660ti FFXV Benchmarks Scores Better Than GTX 1070

Nvidia has been exceptional with its GPUs boosting the performances of its cards and integrating more and more innovation into the cards. The RTX series graphic cards took innovation to another level with actual ray tracing inside video games. The manufacturer has been keen on making high-end GPUs but this time it seems that they’re focusing on a much more accessible option.

As mentioned about almost a month ago by folks over at Hardocp, Nvidia’s GTX 1660ti will set a new standard for mid-ranged gaming while offering substantial firepower. The GTX 1660ti is expected to launch soon with an MSRP of $279 followed by its successors in March. AMD, on the other hand, has been exceptional with its midrange lineup and has definitely given Nvidia worthy competition. The graphics card made its debut appearance on the Final Fantasy XV benchmark page. While the benchmark tool isn’t exactly the best to measure sheer raw power but the results are impressive, to say the least.

Leaked Nvidia GTX 1660ti FFXV Benchmarks Scores Better Than GTX 1070 4

On 1440p high-quality video settings, the video card achieved a score of exactly 5000 just shy of the 5025 obtained by the Maxwell Titan X. Surprisingly enough, the GPU manages to outperform last generation’s GTX 1070 and Radeon RX Vega. The benchmark clearly means that the GTX 1660ti means business. It is clear that hardware technology has come a long way and it shows how a graphics card which costs only $279 could outperform a high-end flagship beast which once cost $1000.

The GTX 1660ti could mean Nvidia working effectively for more mid-rangers in a market flooded with AMD based GPUs offering quality performances while being a lot cheaper than Nvidia GPUs.

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