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Over 900k CS: GO Steam Accounts VAC Banned This January

Counterstrike Global Offensive, the long lost jewel by Valve has become quite a centre of attraction for many. The title which was once known as Valve’s neglected child received quite a few major tweaks the past few months. From the new MP5-SD to the Panorama UI update and everything in between, CS: GO developers have been working actively in making the e-sports title more approachable. Valve wanted to make CS: GO so approachable by newcomers that they, in fact, made the title once worth $15 free to play. That, however, came with its fair share of hurdles most noticeably the advent of cheaters in the game.

Counterstrike is known for cheaters, Valve despite various attempts to provide a clean and entertaining environment failed miserably which led enthusiasts to explore unofficial servers. That being said, the issue caused by tonnes of cheaters trying to hack the game was only to increase once the game’s price was reduced to zero. This month’s VAC ban and game ban reports are revealed and the numbers seem to grow at an exponential rate. Over 900 thousand various steam accounts were VAC banned just this month and that is not to count the 700+ thousand game banned accounts. Despite all these efforts, “Non-Prime” matchmaking remains unplayable with upwards of 3 cheaters every game.
Over 900k CS: GO Steam Accounts VAC Banned This January 4
The Danger Zone update which brought Battle Royale to the title gave a breath of fresh air to the well-aged e-sports game but it is clear that Valve must overhaul their algorithms by modern standards just to match the newcomers in the e-sports scene. With Battle Royale titles like PUBG and Fortnite taking all the fame Valve would definitely want to step up their game and regain mainstream popularity once again.

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