Nokia 9 PureView Introduced – Packs Last Generation Specs With Next Generation Cameras

Ever since Nokia’s comeback to the mainstream smartphone market, the brand has released some wonderful smartphones with a very balanced and charming approach. HMD Global has surely brought back the classic tech giant with a new fleet of mobile phones with fascinating features. From the classic looking Nokia 210 to the brand new Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia’s entry into 2019 is praise worthy to say the least.

The Nokia 9 PureView – A Delight For Photography Enthusiasts

The Nokia 9 PureView is undoubtedly the star of the show and with the phone are a ton of new quirks and features brought to life. The Nokia 9 instead of following all the trends which reside in the minds of brands like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and Huawei have opted for a more mature and more intriguing approach. The Nokia 9 instead of going with the flow of maximizing screen to body ratios and 5G has offered a very neutral and accessible smartphone.

The phone tries its best to tick all the right boxes and provide a complete experience which not very smartphones tend to achieve. Powered by the Snapdragon 845 processor, the Nokia 9 isn’t the most powerful smartphone you’d find in 2019 but with quality, quirks to go along the phone proves to be a strong contender in the modern smartphone space. One of the neat features about the smartphone is its inclusion into the Android One program which has been Nokia’s policy throughout its phones. The Android One program greatly affects the software experience and having a completely stock experience and with constant updates to go along, Nokia has done a wondrous job in this particular area.

Specifications – Quirks & Features

As for the specifications of the Nokia 9, the smartphone packs respectable power. Having last generation specifications on a newer smartphone isn’t a new thing though. Last year we saw LG releasing their smartphones with older SoCs while being cost effective. Having an older processor doesn’t really affect much to the user. With most of the world running on the 845, Nokia’s 9 would fit in perfectly.

Other specifications include a 5.99”-inch QHD+ display an in screen fingerprint sensor and a 3320 mAh battery along with the latest Android Pie. The phone is infact water resistant and does have a USB-C port while getting rid of the headphone jack. The complete specs and features of the device are listed under.

Nokia 9 PureViewSpecifications
CPUQualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 Mobile Platform
Storage128 GB
DisplayPureDisplay 5.99” QHD+ pOLED
Cameras5 x 12 MP, f/1.82 (2 x RBG, 3 x mono)

Front: 20 MP, display flash
BatteryIntegrated 3320 mAh with Qi Wireless Charging
Size155 x 75 x 8 mm

The Highlight Of The Phone – First 5 Camera Setup On A Smartphone

The cameras on the Nokia 9 are definitely the highlight of the device. With a 5 camera ZEISS setup, a first for any flagship the Nokia 9 compels even the best of smartphones to a camera quality contest. The Penta camera setup all works together to bring in the best quality image possible. All five of them being the same 12MP resolution offering exceptional dynamic range and allowing 10 times more light to enter than a single sensor. With three f/1.8 monochrome sensors and two colour sensors, the Nokia 9 manages to capture immense visual quality.

While still holding the regular depth sense, high dynamic range capabilities and much more the camera set up on the Nokia 9 shows us a glimpse of what the future of smartphones may hold. For enthusiasts, the camera app on the phone has been completely revamped with a more streamlined UI and more added features such as a dedicated RAW monochrome option. With such high-quality images, users can now edit their raw files on the phone using Adobe’s photo editing apps.

Pricing & Availability

The Nokia 9 PureView is already available for sale and is available for $699. The folks over at Nokia did, however, confirm the fact that the Nokia 9 isn’t their flagship phone and a sort of experiment. This statement could mean that Nokia has a bigger and smarter smartphone under their sleeves which would compete against a more mainstream market. The Nokia 9 itself proves to be a very well balanced smartphone and fit for photography enthusiasts breaking new barriers of innovation.


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