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Redmi Note 7 Put To The Durability Test – Snaps In Half

The Redmi Note 7, announced last month just after Redmi’s separation from Xiaomi gained a lot of exposure not only because it hosted immense potential but because it was the company’s first phone after the separation. Targetting a much more budget oriented audience, Note 7 performed exceptionally well with over a million units sold reportedly. Coming in at just $150, the phone caught the youtuber JerryRigEverything‘s eye who is quite famous for his durability tests.

In his latest video he demonstrated the structural integrity of the phone. Its weak points and material selection. Right off the first glance we notice the fact that the phone although looks premium comprises of a plastic build. Two glass slabs are sandwiching the plastic frame while a thick layer of gloss paint covers the edges. The glass used for a fact comprises of Gorilla Glass 5 which is similar to what we see in flagship smartphones.

After the phone’s survival in the harshest of scratch tests, the phone is subject to abuse on its plastic sides with a metallic blade. The plastic easily comes off and as the blade moves across the edges it is evident that even the SIM tray and the physical buttons are made out of plastic. Last comes the bend test which showcases the structural integrity of the phone and right on the first bend, two cracks form up on the edges. The weak points being the SIM card tray and the power button quite similar to what we saw on the iPad Pro.

The Redmi Note 7 is unarguably one of the finest of budget smartphones with a wide array of features but the brand’s quality control and material choice certainly lacks what others seem to provide. Sure you wont find a phone with internals as good as this but with a huge downgrade in the physical build of the phone certainly poses as a question mark for Redmi.

Here’s The Video

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