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Samsung Galaxy S10 Has The Best Selfie Camera & 3rd Best Rear Camera, says DxOMark – Xiaomi’s Mi 9 Down To 4th Place

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Oh boy has it been an amazing weekend. Both, Xiaomi and Samsung finally showcased their flagships, namely, the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Xiaomi Mi 9, ahead of MWC 2019 in a complete blast. With Xiaomi taking the lead hours before Samsung’s Unpacked event, Xiaomi managed to secure a respectable third place on DxOMark’s rankings. However, with DxOMark following up with the review of the Galaxy S10, Samsung has managed to dethrone the short-term glory Xiaomi had going with the Mi 9.

With DxOMark now becoming a tool for bragging rights for manufacturers, no one has been able to dethrone the Huawei Mate 20 lineup this far. According to the current standings, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and P20 Pro still take the first and second spot in DxOMark’s rankings, with the newly-introduced Samsung Galaxy S10 and Xiaomi Mi 9 taking third and fourth places, respectively.

All three of the top smartphones on DxOMark’s rankings hold 109 points to their name, including the Samsung Galaxy S10. However, it seems like the Samsung Galaxy S10 may have taken an edge over here as DxOMark’s new selfie camera tests put the S10 ahead of the competition. And this is where Samsung is raking in all the sugar. While the rear cameras seem to be neck and neck between major flagships these days, it seems like Samsung has gotten a good grip of what it takes to take good selfies. Not only does the Galaxy S10 lead the selfie race, but it takes the Note 9 from 2018 along with it carrying 96 and 92 points to their name.

Now with Samsung delivering some huge blows to the competition, it’s worth noting that DxOMark’s scores shouldn’t be your final consideration when choosing a smartphone based on its camera. Regardless of all of the scores, a larger part of smartphone enthusiasts would agree that the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL take some of the best shots on a smartphone to date, albeit the lack of 4k/60FPS recording.

With MWC 2019 now underway, the competition is about to heat up as flagships from Sony, Huawei, OnePlus and LG pop up within the next few weeks and months. And with Sony and Huawei teasing some major reveals already, it seems like niether of the companies is willing to back down on showcasing their prowess.


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