Samsung Galaxy S10 Leakster May Be In Trouble

It seems like an employee from Samsung may be in deep trouble. The story comes from Ice Universe, a trusty leakster who reports some of the most accurate smartphone leaks on the internet.

According to Ice Universe, Samsung is apparently going after one of their employees for potentially leaking “too much” details regarding Samsung’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup of devices.

Leakage of all functions of the phone is much more serious than appearance and configuration leaks. Samsung will thoroughly investigate the leaker and let him pay the price said Ice Universe.

Strongly condemn the S10 detailed specifications leaker, leaking is not equal to open secrets, leaks should be limited, and everything is open, this is a serious moral problem or even illegal, he added.

Ice Universe via Twitter

For the past year or two, leaks from Samsung’s department have been very accurate. The Samsung Galaxy S8 lineup, the Galaxy Note 8 lineup, the Galaxy S9 lineup, and Galaxy Note 9 lineup have had some of the most comprehensive leaks in Samsung’s history months before they were officially launched. All of these devices, including some of Samsung’s budget devices have had all their hype die away as keynotes closed in. Not only did these leaksters leak everything about Samsung’s devices, but they also reported high-level developments occurring in the company.

Add that to the number of pre-maturely released teasers that made their way onto the internet and Samsung pretty much had nothing to awe the crowd with. And if there isn’t anything to keep the audience hyped about, it’s pretty hard for a brand like Samsung to make a meaningful impact when the device finally debuts.

Heck, leaks have already suggested a few details regarding Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10, a device that’s slated to release as far as six months from now.

As of now, no one has been caught so far. We would bet that Samsung isn’t going to go light on these folks once they do get caught. Afterall, a lot of these leaks are motivated with financial means which is part of the reason why smartphone leaks have become so prevalent over the past half-decade or so.

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