Xiaomi Dethrones Samsung To Become Ukraine’s No1 Smartphone Brand

Xiaomi has been phenomenal this year. With the separation of the Redmi brand first and now the release of the Mi 9 just next week Xiaomi has been on a spree. After pretty much cornering the Asian markets Xiaomi showed some definite interest to cover major European markets. The manufacturer debuted it’s largest Mi store in Paris, France and released a fleet of products for UK based markets.

Xiaomi Dethrones Samsung To Become Ukraine's No1 Smartphone Brand 6

According to a report by Canalys, Xiaomi has been gaining ground in the European markets at a steady pace and their most recent achievement has been in Ukraine. Xiaomi dethroned Samsung smartphones to become the best smartphone brand in the country by achieving over 26.7% market share. With Samsung close behind at 26.5% and various Chinese brands competing Xiaomi has been phenomenal with its releases in almost every sector.

Xiaomi Dethrones Samsung To Become Ukraine's No1 Smartphone Brand 7

The brand managed to target every sector of the smartphone market from budget devices to mid-rangers and not to mention the flagship category. The Mi 9 is expected to make an appearance next week and with it, we are sure to see a new era of innovation from the Chinese brand. Over the years Xiaomi has gained a lot of traction in Western Europe coming in at number five with a massive 415.1% year on year growth. The year on year growth rate has been exceptional by Xiaomi, highest ever in the top list and the numbers are expected to grow at a steady rate.

For a brand which only joined the European markets in May 2018 the sales numbers are spectacular, to say the least. As of the second quarter of last year, it grew by 150% and this expansion is definitely worth praising. Providing quality products with such accessible pricings will most certainly spell trouble for larger manufacturers like Samsung and Apple where they’ve basically ruled since the dawn of smartphones.

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