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Sony’s New CEO Expresses Desire To Shape Up The Xperia Brand

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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Sony, a brand unknown to nobody has been struggling in the smartphone market despite being one of the earliest players in the game. Despite yearly updates of the Xperia lineup, Sony just seems out of touch and irrelevant of what the users want and what they desire. Kimio Maki, who earlier was the President of Digital Imaging Group has now stepped up to become the CEO of Sony’s Mobile Division.

The CEO has promised great things for the future of Sony’s gameplan towards its Xperia lineup. With the Xperia 1 lineup already showcased, Kimio promises enthusiasts to bring in change never before seen and interpret the Xperia 1 as a breath of fresh air to the Xperia lineup. He stated,

“Sony as a brand is not going to appeal to everybody. We’re not a Samsung, we’re not a Huawei. But what we will appeal to is people who want quality products where they are able to take amazing pictures or a video or do something different.”

Samsung, Huawei and various other manufacturers pursuing different sets of features to rake in revenues are justified but the new CEO believes that Sony isn’t one of the mainstream companies and plans on bringing quality innovation to the already perfect sectors of a smartphone. He believes that to excel one must bring innovation to the bare bones of a smartphone such as its display, camera, battery etc, instead of bringing new gimmicks. Having an under display fingerprint sensor, a bezel less display has never ever proved to be an advantage infact it decreases the durability of the phone. Here Sony believes in stepping up and turning a fresh page.

One of the most interesting topics of the statement was the fact how Sony was basically struggling to keep up with itself. The Alpha division never stepped up to bring in quality improvements to the Xperia’s camera department thinking that it’ll ruin sales for their full fledged cameras. This issue however has been fixed since the merger and would guarantee all the divisions working together, effectively to deliver a quality product.

It truly was surprising to see a company with such calibre and resources struggling in the modern smartphone market despite excelling in various other tech markets. The new initiative was taken by the CEO definitely brings in hope for a better, more creative Xperia. Despite Sony not competing directly with the likes of Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi we would love to see their take on innovation and what they believe should take place as a feature for upcoming smartphones.


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