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Apex Legends, For Honor & Hitman Dominated PlayStation 4 Consoles In February 2019, Report Suggests

2019 is off to an amazing start. Following the announcement of Apex Legends, Respawn Legends, the folks behind Apex Legends completely shook the competition by introducing its take on the whole Battle Royale genre. A report by the folks over at gamstat reveal the top 20 games of February 2019, and it seems to be cheesier than ever.

According to reports, Apex Legends, For Honor as well as Hitman completely dominated the PlayStation 4 market. Apex Legends had earlier this month revealed some massive news regarding Apex Legends, reporting that they have amassed over 50 Million players within 1 month of its launch. And based on the report we have here, it seems like a larger part of them came from the PlayStation 4.

Following Apex Legends dominance, we get to see For Honor and Hitman take second and third places, respectively. Titles such as Real Royale, FIFA 19 as well as GTA V were seen taking fourth, fifth and sixth places, respectively.

Numbers derived from the report suggest that Apex Legends had taken first place by amassing over 21.3 Million players over the course of February alone. However, it was only the titles that followed that made the list a whole lot interesting. While Apex Legends may have dominated the charts, late 2019 releases such as Hitman, FIFA 19 and even older titles such as For Honor and GTA V continued to show massive signs of growth as they continue to age. For Honor, Hitman and GTA V recorded 3.3M, 2.7M and 1.5M players respectively.

For Honor continued to stand out from the crowd though, even after all it has been through. Despite being out for over 2 years now, For Honor had managed to accumulate a mere 4.4M players on the system and showed major signs of distrust when the game first launched. With the addition of the 3.3M players in February alone, For Honor now has a player based of 7.7M players on the PlayStation 4. That’s an increase of over 75% over the course of a single month if the stats are correct per se. If true, the larger player based could have been due to the massive price reductions that we hitting the game over the past few months as well as the introduction of For Honor’s 3rd-Year roadmap highlighted below.

Apex Legends, For Honor & Hitman Dominated PlayStation 4 Consoles In February 2019, Report Suggests 4

However, just like many stats, Fortnite was nowhere to be seen given how well Epic has suppressed their numbers so far.

In terms of total player counts to date, with the exclusion of Fortnite, it seems like GTA V would be dominating the charts so far, followed by EA’s FIFA 19 and soon to be king, Apex Legends amassing over 128M, 22.5M, and 21.3M players, respectively.

While For Honor seemed to be the star of the show, unfortunately the lack of Fortnite’s presence in the stats definitely seems to be a bummer.

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