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Apple’s iPhone SE Is Now Available On Clearance Products Starting Off At Just $250

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Apple’s iPhone SE was Apple’s second attempt at a mid ranged flagship. Despite the manufacturer targetting the premium end of the spectrum things were definitely looking interesting when the iPhone Special Edition was announced. Luck for enthusiasts the classic smartphone is back in stock at the Apple’s clearance sale.

The Standard Edition offered the exact same chipset as the iPhone 6S but held the classic and brick style form factor of the iPhone 5. The iPhones SE upon release was an instant success. The phones themselves are available in limited stock however but offer immense value for how much they cost. The 32GB model comes in around $250 while the 128GB model comes in at just $300. Considering the fact that you only have to pay an extra $50 for the 128GB model is definitely a perk and users would mind availing an Apple device at just $300.

The iPhone SE at this price point becomes the cheapest option for an enthusiast to join the Apple ecosystem which folks definitely desire. The iPhone SE despite being fairly old and housing dated internals still hold up quite well amongst modern budget devices. Although users might not find the hardware of the phone interesting and on par with Android phones the same price but the software experience and the battery optimization is phenomenal.

The phone itself stacks up well against the modern flaws of modern devices struggling to minimize the bezels and trying to achieve a perfect 100% screen to body ratio. The classic brick style design also allows users with small hands to enjoy a single-handed experience and the display itself looks beautiful.

All in all the iPhone SE deal seems a win win for an enthusiast wanting to join the Apple eco system and wanting to have a clean and care free experience. One thing to note here is the fact that this deal is valid for the USA and select terms and conditions apply which you can read here.


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