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Apple’s Job Listing For Software Services Overtake Hardware Engineering In Years

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Apple has been a key contender of the modern smartphone market coming in 3rd at the global rankings. The brand has been a sensation ever since the release of the first iPhone and has been progressing at a steady rate ever since. Apple has been one of the most influential manufacturers starting modern trends for its devices which most the other competitors tend to follow. Having a notch, removing the headphone jack and not to mention the fingerprint sensor is one of the most talked about features which Apple brought to the mainstream market. All this makes us believe that Apple surely is a hardware-oriented company with a ton of devices releasing each year with substantial improvements but that perception is soon to change.

Latest analysis reports by Thinknum media group shows us the latest job listing for the manufacturer. The analysis shows how Apple has been spending most of its budget in the hardware engineering department with over a thousand folks average these past few years. This all however changed starting from Q3 2018 with Apple stepping up its software engineering fleeting overtaking the hardware department with over 1.36k counted.

As of today, the software engineering department is now classified as the “Software and Services” section. Apart from being the most popular field by Apple, the question arises what Apple really has in store for us. The software experience on all of the Apple devices has been far superior to any Android phone period. Despite Android phones giving complete control to the user, Apple’s iOS stacks up extremely well.

With all this fuss going around for a foldable smartphone and a completely bezel less smartphone, one would expect Apple to step up it’s hardware engineering sector but the exact oppsite is true. Having spent more on the software could mean that Apple is planning on expanding its services to other platforms as well. This could also mean that iOS would now be more advanced, more secure and more powerful than ever

It is great to see Apple working for the betterment of their software experience but the question still remains, will Apple step up its hardware? The iPad Pro proved to be a solid tablet but bottlenecked when it came to its software capabilities. The iPad Pro despite having superior power over other tablets was limited thanks to the availability of productive programs. We could very well see a major update from Apple for the iPad Pro which would stack it up against the best tablets on market.


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