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Battlefield 1’s Competitive 5v5 Mode, Incursions, About To Get Its Plug Pulled

After months and years of updates and incredible gameplay, the folks over at DICE have finally decided to pull the plug on the Incursions game mode from Battlefield V.

It was DICE’s first take on 5v5 gameplay after realizing how important e-sports has bloomed over the past few years, especially with the competitors like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege around, DICE, for the first time tried to introduce their take on the competitive side of Battlefield 1. However, it seems like it didn’t last long.

Titles such as CSGO and Rainbow Six Siege focus on strong chemistry between teammates and do put a ton of emphasis on certain aspects of the game such as clear audible cues, spray patterns and more. However, despite the reduced 3D map spotting and other casual features being disabled, Battlefield 1 did not manage to captivate its player base. It seems like Battlefield V may have taken the cake here which left the player base on Battlefield 1’s side in limbo.

But then, the whole reason of playing a Battlefield title apart from its incredible graphics is to experience the 64-player mayhem.

We started the journey of Battlefield™ 1 Incursions with a goal of building a competitive Battlefield™ 1 experience with the community in mind. Your feedback, comments, suggestions, and support helped us to better understand what works – and what doesn’t work – for competitive Battlefield™, said DICE.

They then further added…

With this in mind, we’ve decided to sunset Battlefield 1 Incursions. Effective April 25, 2019, Battlefield 1 Incursions will no longer be accessible or available to download. Players who’ve already downloaded Battlefield 1 Incursions will not be able to start or join matches and no further development will be made on this experience.

With that being said, it’s interesting to see how the 5v5 competitive mode did not work out for the folks over at DICE. However, in my personal opinion, the modern setting of Battlefield 4 made it a whole lot more compelling of a title for the e-sports scene. Hopefully, DICE gives the modern war environment another chance.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

21, Tech Enthusiast, Founder/Managing Editor at GeeksULTD and a stduent at the Holberton School. Passionate about UI Design and competitive Counter-Strike Global Offensive gaming. To contact me, follow me, or even constructively criticize me, contact me however you feel is right!
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