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EA’s Battlefield V To Get Its Firestorm Battle Royale Later This Month – Here’s The Launch Trailer

EA has teased the introduction of Battlefield V’s battle royale mode even before the game launched last year. With the game now captivating a huge audience of player across platforms, EA has released a trailer announcing the launch of their new mode, Firestorm, EA’s take on the whole Battle Royale craze going on.

It’s ironic to see EA launch Battlefield V’s battle royale mode this far down the pipeline. After the massive success Apex Legends has accumalated over the past month and a half, Battlefield V should be in good shape for those who have been aching to experience the battle royale genre Battlefield V-style,

The teaser trailer reveals pretty much everything you would generally want to know about the upcoming Firestorm mode. Not only would players battle to be the last one standing, but players would also be able to take out a number of vehicles to travel across lands in order to claim themselves as the last-one-standing. From the snowy peaks to the grass fields, players would experience them all. Vehicles such as the tank, helicopter, quad, tractor, boat, and others made their appearances in the trailer, essentially confirming their inclusion in the game mode.

Unlike other games, Battlefield V’s take on the continuously moving circle is actually a circle of fire that would engulf the lands. To get out in time, players would have to battle out a number of enemies. For those who don’t make it out in time, the fire would burn you alive until all of your health is depleted, just like other battle royale titles.

Based on a recent leak from the mode, we’ve learnt that the new mode would come with a class-system for its weapons, just like how Fortnite does, with just three simple classes ranging from common and rare to epic. These classes would define how extensive a gun has been kitted with, with the epic variants of weapons getting scopes to extended mags. Ammunition has also been capped here, with players required to collect a number of different bullets to be able to use their guns.

Furthermore, EA has added some interesting touches to the overall gameplay of the game. Unlike other titles, once you’re down, you would be able to shoot out your enemies until you bleed out. If you do bleed out before you get any help, you would be out.

Battlefield V’s Firestorm mode is set to launch on March the 25th across all platforms and would be available via a patch update to all Battlefield V players. With the update out, it would be interesting to see how well EA manages its player-base moving on forward as improvements and features are added down the line.

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