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Blood & Truth Launches May 28th On PS VR – Interactive Blockbuster Movie Like Game in VR

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Perhaps one of the most exciting additions to not only PS VR but VR games in general, Blood & Truth. Set to release on May 28th, this action hero game developed by SIE London Studios is one game you do not want to miss out on.

Most action games in the past have had you as the main character going through a wild series of events to totally immerse you into the game. Games like Grand Theft Auto V, The Mafia series, Max Payne, L.A. Noire, and many others feature you as the main character going through a story that really draws you in. Video games like these have been able to give very good experiences to the player but this particular VR game takes it to an even higher level. With the capabilities of Virtual Reality, games have the potential to go to a new level of experiences for the player. This especially stands true for a game like Blood & Truth.

In Blood & Truth, you play as the main protagonist named Ryan Marks who is an army soldier set out to save your family from a savage criminal empire. You are the center of it all and get to experience it first hand in VR. Experience amazing fights against a horde of enemies through various locations and situations in a thrilling manner all to save your family. Jump out of the helicopter into the ocean or take cover to avoid gunshot while you fight back. you’ll have your heart pumping really fast with that adrenaline rush going through you while you play this game.

All of this sounds good does it not. Just the Idea of being your own main hero is thrilling, just like James Bond in his action movies. The game does not automatically get points for being a good action game just because it is in VR.

As can be seen in the short trailer, Blood & Truth is beautifully put together with a good storyline set in iconic London locations. The game has very good and convincing characters and their voice lines sell the experience even more. The game also features a very good combat system on top that really completes the experience. Don’t be sold on it too much though, you can’t be completely attached to the characters in-game. Else you will find it hard to move on if your favorite character ends up dying and let’s be fair that always ends up happening.


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