Chrome Is Getting Universal Dark Mode Soon – Darken Your Whole Browsing Experience

Chrome Devs have added dark mode (also known as night mode) support to the beta version of chrome. Chrome is also supposed to get universal dark mode soon that shall not only have a dark theme for the browser itself but will also take most websites into dark mode. This shall please a lot of users but might piss off some developers.

Every person who surfs the web late into the night knows that dreadful feeling of that white webpage being burnt into our eyes. Browsing the internet late at night and encountering very bright white pages can be very harmful to your eyes and in some cases irritate them. Even developers have started to implement dark mode into their apps and websites. Sites like Twitter, Youtube, and Reddit have a dark mode baked into their websites and even apps. But, Dark Mode is not universal and not on every app or website. Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram do not have it either on their websites or apps. There have been ways to mitigate this at our side with tools and extensions that take your browser and webpages into dark mode.

Currently, we can use a dark theme to put chrome itself in a dark mode suitable for the night time. Recently, the Chrome team has added a couple of themes to the Chrome Web Store themselves which also includes a ‘Just Black ‘ theme that you can use to achieve a dark UI. After the browser itself is dealt with, we can use an extension called ‘Dark Reader ‘ to universally invert all of the web pages we load. Which gives a pretty good night time browsing experience.

Chrome Devs have finally decided to input a dark UI theme by default with their latest Chrome Beta. The dark UI theme does not seem to have a manual toggle. Instead, it detects if you have selected universal dark/light mode toggle on windows and adjusts it’s own user interface accordingly. The beta also works on Mac OS Mojave which also has a universal dark/light mode toggle like windows that you can toggle in its settings.

There is also a possibility of a Universal Dark Mode happening as well that should allow you to dark mode your entire internet browsing experience with a single click. There have been reports of Dark mode in Chrome being present for Android and Webview which should darken web pages. The ‘Dark Mode’ is available for users to in Chrome Canary. Canary is the most unstable branch of Chrome as they made for developers to test, not users, and are very unstable.

From initial images, it looks very neat! It can darken any webpage you view. However, darkening the webpage without breaking some elements of it will be a challenge. Universal Dark Mode for chrome seems to be very early in development but, so far it seems promising.

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