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CS: GO Replaces Cache With Vertigo In The Active Duty Map Pool, Update Reveals

Valve recently announced that the play map Vertigo in CS: GO is added to the active duty map pool. The map immediately became the most hyped up topic in CS: GO. After a ton of new content being added to the game, Valve has decided to give fans one more hope by removing Cache from the active duty map pool for the first time.

The community-based map was undoubtedly one of the most played maps in the game even by professionals. With a ton of easter eggs and unique features to it, Cache has always impressed folks with how well it is craft. Counter Strike itself is a pretty old title and with its age, the maps really show their outdated graphics and features.

With major renovations already done to the UI of the game, Valve has had a great track record in remastering classic maps like Dust 2, Inferno, Train and Nuke. It seems that Cache is their next project and the removal of the map from the active duty map pool indicates that we’ll be seeing a renovated Cache soon.

This move by CS: GO devs gives them enough time to speculate the reaction of the community to their latest addition. Vertigo itself has been around for some time in casual modes but never really flew in competitive modes but looking at the reaction from the public, the map definitely looks promising.

CS: GO Replaces Cache With Vertigo In The Active Duty Map Pool, Update Reveals 6

The update also brings a brand new Music Kit inspired by the most recent Katowice Major in which ENCE made it to the finals. The music selected is composed by “The Vekkars” and thanks to its popularity during the major, “EZ4ENCE” has now official in CS: GO. Moreover, the update also introduces a brand new Sticker Capsule with various “Feral” themed stickers with character roles. The capsule features 9 designs and 18 stickers in various different finishes ranging from Paper and all the way up to Foil and Holo.

CS: GO Replaces Cache With Vertigo In The Active Duty Map Pool, Update Reveals 7

The recent moves by CS: GO developers have been inspiring to say the least and they have definitely been adding content to the game at a constant rate. For now there’s no news about the next operation what so ever but thanks to the competition from Battle Royale games, CS: GO is officially back on track.

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