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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Days Gone Gets A Story Trailer – The Zombie Apocalypse Experience You Want

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Taha Tariq
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Days Gone is an Open World game filled with mindless zombies roaming around to eat your brains. But perhaps the zombies are not your enemies, your fellow survivors are. The story trailer for the game has been released and it shows a story you do not want to miss out on.

Days Gone features a very vast and changing Open World with beautiful graphics. The game’s world is very harsh with scenes that change by the minute. One minute you are in a dense alpine forest and the next you find yourself in a snowfield or a lush meadow. Before long you find yourself fighting zombies through hard desert lava fields and caves.

In this Open World Sandbox game, you are sure to have loads of fun. Whether you decide to take on the main story of the game with heart-crushing narratives or you decide to have fun exploring the sandbox world on your trusty bike, you have tons of stuff to do in the game.

You play as the main protagonist Deacon St John, who is a bounty hunter that faces the savage world every day to survive while searching for the reason to live on. The story is very immersive as the game, believe it or not, is not all about the zombie apocalypse. You get to go through human desperation, loss, madness, betrayal, friendship, brotherhood, regret, love, and hope. You go through all of these feelings and experiences while fighting the horde of zombies to live on as humanity is decreasing in numbers to eventual extinction. Somehow, the hope never dies even when confronted with tragedy and betrayal. The story overall is very good and it certainly adds to the experience.

You have a lot of dangers roaming around in this Open World. Roaming Zombies referred to as Freakers, fellow human survivors, and dangerous animal predators roaming in the wilderness. All of them pose a serious threat that you will encounter and will have to tackle to survive in this very harsh world. Where even friends and fellow survivors can’t be trusted, you have Deacon’s one and only true friend, his trusted bike that he relies on in his darkest of times. The bike can be upgraded to include more gas, increase gas mileage, faster speeds and more.

The game is set to release on April 26th as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. This Zombie Apocalypse in an Open World Sandbox is sure to keep you plenty busy this summer.


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