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Denuvo Tanks Performance On Devil May Cry 5, are anti-piracy DRM’s ruining gamers experiences?

Devil May Cry just released and users have already started to play the game and find out issues with it. A user going by the name Cloud has published a post in the guides section for Devil May Cry 5 with steps to remove Denuvo from the game that improves the performance of the game. For those of you who may not know, Denuvo is an anti-piracy DRM that game developers can choose to implement in their games to prevent pirates from stealing their product. The user’s FPS went from 74fps to 93fps in his test which is an improvement of 19fps. This translates to an improvement of roughly 27%, which is a lot.

The guide reveals that the Denuvo file wasn’t cracked by any hacker, but rather it was provided by Capcom themselves by accident. For a little while, you could change your branch of the game in steam to the same one the Quality Insurance team was using to get the Denuvo free game. The branch was not meant to be public but rather it was a foresight by Capcom and they have since deleted the branch altogether. But, good news for the gamers out there, you can still remove any traces of Denuvo from the game by downloading the Denuvo free game via the steam console.

while Denuvo’s anti-piracy DRM protects the game developers for a short time after release as eventually, the game does get cracked by very smart hackers, this ends up hurting the paying customers more as the anti-piracy solution hurts the performance of the game giving gamers who actually bought the game a worse experience overall.

Denuvo has rejected this claim in the past saying that the Anti-Tamper has no perceptible effect on the games performance or any crashes. But this claim has been proven to be false in the past as well by users. Even game developers have blamed Denuvo’s DRM’s for game performance issues. The director of Tekken 7 blamed Denuvo’s anti-piracy solution for performance problems in the PC version of the game.



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