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Are Foldable Smartphones Really The Way Forward?

Foldable smartphones are undoubtedly in the spotlight with the worlds top two manufacturers, Samsung and Huawei showcasing their foldable phones just a few days ago. The hype for foldable smartphones has indeed been going on for a while now but the question still remains, are foldable smartphones really the future? For ages, tech enthusiasts have dreamt of a futuristic smartphone having a bending display defying all laws of physics but is it all that effective?

The Idea – Where It All Began!

The idea of a foldable smartphone started off way back with science fiction movies displaying futuristic devices with an array of features one couldn’t even imagine at the time. As time progressed and smartphones became a thing, enthusiasts hoped for a different device apart from a touch display. As display technology progressed and bendable curved displays were finally a thing, geeks for the first time ever could think of the existence of a foldable smartphone. With innovation amongst smartphone manufacturers breaking barriers at a constant steady rate, it won’t be long when almost all the desires would be fulfilled.

More Gimmick Than Innovation – Realtime Features?

Are Foldable Smartphones Really The Way Forward? 6

Fiction apart and once we snap back to reality things look a little more complex than one would think. Legitimately thinking, having the ability to fold your phone instead of having a plethora of advantages proves to come with more cons than one could possibly imagine. One of the most noticeable compromises for a foldable smartphone boils down to its build and durability.

A foldable phone having a unique mechanism does appeal to the eye but in fact, houses a ton of complex systems working together to achieve what it does. Huawei themselves claimed that the hinge on the Mate X consisted of 100 pieces which further confirms the idea. Having a hinge also means the use of malleable and soft materials which would end up getting roughed up more than average. With most of the companies taking the idea of a foldable smartphone as a gimmick to rake up profits, Samsung might actually make it usable.

The Huawei Mate X, on the other hand, has been a show stopper. Having both smaller bezels and a side hinge, the phone looks and feels more appealing and is already dubbed to be the best foldable smartphone. Don’t get your hopes up just yet though, the phone does come with an insane price tag and an outward bend which in many cases is considered troublesome thanks to the stretched default position.

What Manufacturers Plan For The Future & What To Expect

To keep the smartphone market busy and rolling manufacturers are forced to bring in new innovation to appeal to consumers. First the notch then the punch hole display and now the foldable smartphone gaining above-average exposure. For what the future holds nothing seems certain yet one unique idea which Sony patented a while ago keeps on revolving. A transparent phone along with a foldable phone did appeal the most to the public and thus we believe that Sony might be on to something. For a brand which rarely takes initiative, it is surprising to say the least.

Economic Standpoint – Is It Really Feasible?

Despite the Galaxy Fold having bigger bezels and a notch, the phone seems to be more complete and refined than the Mate X. Samsung does have a reputation and for a device having a new formula, they certainly wouldn’t want to take any chances. Having a minimalistic notch up top the Galaxy Fold did receive a wide array of criticism but given Samsung’s stance in the smartphone department we would expect the phone to perform well.

Are Foldable Smartphones Really The Way Forward? 7

As far as the market standpoint of these smartphones is considered, it is safe to say that a foldable smartphone just doesn’t wow a wide variety of audiences and just doesn’t possess abilities to be the next big trend. Sure, many enthusiasts would want to get their hands on a foldable smartphone just for its aesthetics but never as a daily driver. As markets become flooded with budget devices, having a premium foldable phone would be a very bold yet foolish move for anyone especially for a more mainstream market. Experiments by manufacturers are definitely credible but looking at the current state of affairs, it is safe to say that the phones are just not ready or refined enough.

As more and more manufacturers lean toward the cause, it wont be long when the internet will be filled with reviews, pro and cons but for now everything remains uncertain. As for now we dont really see anything more than a gimmick in a foldable smartphone but only time will tell.

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