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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 To Ship With A Pre-Installed Screen Protector

One of the most anticipated and polarizing smartphones of the year, the Galaxy S10 is here. Leaks and rumours about the phone had been cricling for quite a while now but the phone embraced the leaks and delivered a solid punch. One of the most highlighted feature about the phone was its take on under display fingerprint sensors. With more and more smartphones embracing the technology, Samsung instead of just blindly following the trend went out of way to perfect it.

The fingerprint sensor dubbed to be an ultrasonic sensor instead of a regular flash sensor capturing a 2D image of the finger. The ultrasonic sensor emits ultrasonic sound waves to 3D map the finger’s ridges to ensure maximum security. With this comes a great responsibility for screen protector manufacturers. The youtuber MKBHD in an experiment proved that regular glass screen protectors blocked the ultrasonic soundwaves and hence the sensor couldn’t operate as expected.

Samsung though has prepared and taken this opportunity to level up their accessory package. The Galaxy S10 would be the company’s first flagship to provide a screen protector out of the box. Now, the provided protector would fully support the ultrasonic sensor. The protector won’t be covered in warranty and users could also purchase it officially from Samsung with an MSRP of $29.99. Having provided a screen protector has been a trend for most Chinese manufacturers and Samsung taking initiative is certainly a good thing. With the S10 we not only expect a superior level of unboxing experience but superior accessories as well.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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