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Ghost Giant Release Date Announced – A Must have PS VR Puzzle game?

The video game developer studio Zoink Games that developed and announced a PS VR Puzzle title name Ghost Giant last June at E3 and released this coming April. The Announcement Trailer showed what seemed to be a beautifully put together game with a beautiful storyline and heartwarming character interaction. Among many of the games revealed the last E3, This and Tetris Effect were two games I am personally very excited for.

Game Background

The game is beautifully designed and looks very astonishing. The art and graphics are very pleasing to look at for hours on end even, you definitely will not get bored by looking at the art style anytime soon, especially since this is a VR game that you will be playing with a display attached to your head for a couple of hours. The ‘art filter’ of the game mildly reminds me of Firewatch, an adventure game that was released in 2016 that had amazing visuals that alone were worth playing the game for.

Ghost Giant Release Date Announced - A Must have PS VR Puzzle game? 8

The game leaves you filled with that warm and fuzzy feeling inside of you after you have played it, itsthat good. It is very hard to describe to someone just how immersive the game is when they have not tried it themselves. You play as the Ghost Giant and have two Ghostly helping hands to interreact with the world and the main character of the story, your little friend Louis with whom you will be spending your time with to replace all of your sorrows with a warmth feeling. Invisible to everyone else except your tiny friend, you start to help him and the citizens of his town Sancourt and get to know him better.

Ghost Giant Release Date Announced - A Must have PS VR Puzzle game? 9

Explore the town of Sancourt by completing different tasks like “Using your see-through hands to lift furniture, vehicles, and trees.” and “Rotate and open entire buildings to reveal the stories going on inside.”. According to Zoink developers, it is a ‘Poke n Grab’ adventure game much like ‘Point n Click’ adventure games except this is in VR and with VR controllers hence the ‘Poke n Grab’ term preferred by the developers. The developers have created a game that recreates the experience of playing with a dollhouse in VR except, that it is better than playing with a dollhouse.

Ghost Giant Release Date Announced - A Must have PS VR Puzzle game? 10

Release Date and News

The game is reported to be released digitally on 16th April. The physical version that shall be published by Perp Games is set to be released globally on 19th April. The price for the game is not confirmed as of yet.

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