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Iron Man VR Revealed – Another Sony PSVR Exclusive Slated To Arrive Later This Year

Following the incredible launch of Batman VR, Iron Man VR is beginning to make headlines following the launch of an announcement trailer for the title.

The folks behind the new title are Camouflaj Studios, aiming to make Iron Man VR the best title they’ve made so far. So far, the folks from Camouflaj haven’t revealed much details about the game’s plot. However, they do mention that Iron Man would be going up against the “ghosts of his past”, nothing too specific. And as the title denotes, the game would be a PSVR exclusive that has been under development for the past two years.

Being a full-fledged PSVR exclusive, to play the game, not only would you have to rely on the PSVR headset, but you would also have to stack up on Sony’s PlayStation Move controllers as well as the PlayStation camera to make the experience playable.

The folks over at Camouflaj have promised to release more details as we head deeper into 2019, with an apparent release date not confirmed as of yet. As the generation comes to an end and as companies like Microsoft and Sony begin to work on the successors to their existing consoles, Sony’s making some final pushes to make their take on VR compelling which is great to see.

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