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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G To Reach Speeds Up To 2.7 Gbps In Korea – SK Telecom Claims

As the talk of 5G continues after the announcement of a few 5G ready devices, South Korea has stepped in to take it up a notch. The word 5G itself has been thrown around a lot recently mostly because it took mobile network communication to another level. The technology allows greater speeds while on the go and adds a layer of depth to the experience. Korean telecommunication company SK Telecom as pointed out by folks over at zdnet has reportedly claimed that the S10 5G would achieve speeds of up to 2.7 Gbps in South Korea.

Samsung was actively working in its home for the betterment of 5G and it seems that the manufacturer’s devices would be able to harness the technology to the fullest extent in South Korea. SK Telecom claimed to have achieved this by aggregating LTE technology with 5G and merging the bandwidth to an impressive 2.7 Gbps. The company also stated that the technology would become effective during the first 6 months of the 5G variant’s release.

Having such insane speeds would mean that 4K video streaming and media downloading would take seconds and full-fledged video game downloading would just be a matter of minutes. Earlier we discovered that the awareness for 5G grew by over 44% from the first half of 2018 and we expect the numbers to grow even more. With the release of the 5G S10 planned later this month 5G testing would soon go live and the numbers would determine the efforts of SK Telecom.

The LTE/5G merger by the company is undeniably credible and with the technology’s successful testing we must not forget other 5G competitors joining the market. Having such insane speeds in the region could mean that the 5G experience would be superior to any other region and would take time for them to catch up with the Asian innovators. The adoption of 5G seems to be faster than 4G and the spread of 5G would clearly top the coverage of 4G LTE. The only question which yet remains is who would corner the 5G market and based on what pillars would they do so?

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