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Xiaomi’s Mi 9 SE & Transparent Edition Pulled Back From Sales As The Company’s Production Lags Behind

Xiaomi’s smartphone control is increasing at a very steady rate. As the manufacturer releases more and more smartphones, its international market coverage has increased exponentially. Now, that the brand faces matured markets outside Asia for their unique and accessible products more and more problems arise.

Recently the manufacturer announced its yearly flagship the Mi 9 along with two other variants. As the new device reaches markets with upgraded specifications and overall form factor. Just recently, first pointed out by GizChina Xiaomi has decided to pull back the sales of the Mi 9 SE and the Transparent Edition. Both the variants proved to be unique in their manner, the SE coming in with flagship grade specs while being extremely cost effective while the transparent edition bringing aesthetics to the already great Mi 9.

As demand for the Mi 9 increases to such an extent that Xiaomi’s production rate lags behind the manufacturer has decided to halt the sale of the Mi 9 SE and the transparent edition in order to maximize the sales of the Mi 9. For a brand whose main motive is to bring in the best experience to the consumers having stopped production for one of their most anticipated smartphones is definitely a slap on the face.

For a company which is set to take over the world, its production branch must be on par with the brands they are going to take on. Moreover, Li Mingjin head in charge of Xiaomi’s e-commerce spoke with great regret that there are a lack of goods and it significantly hurts the overall customer experience. Xiaomi’s top priority has been their customer service and the lack of enough products definitely raises a ton of questions.

The spokesperson also stated that the brand would rather stop production for the time being than sell few smartphones. All in all it seems that enthusiasts will now only be able to purchase the Mi 9 and those hoping to get their hands on the other variants would have to wait until further notice.

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