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Nintendo To Showcase Upcoming Nintendo Switch Indie Games This Wednesday

Nintendo’s console approach has been quite different ever since the Wii days. The manufacturer has always focussed on exclusive titles, indie games and not to mention fun input methods. The latest console by Nintendo, the Switch.

As 2019 comes to a solid start, Nintendo has just announced to showcase their upcoming indie titles for 2019. The live event would be held 26 hours from now on their live streaming page. The event is set to showcase the future of the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is undoubtedly a wonderful console but pretty underpowered by all standards.

The titles released are never really about the graphics and but their unique gameplay and innovation. The event is set to enlighten folks with 30 minutes of information on indie games and the future of Nintendo in the industry. The indie program is all about the creative ways to bring in joy to gamers just wanting to have fun. Nintendo has been one of the very few catalysts driving the industry forward on a large enough scale. It is worth praising that in today’s age where blockbuster gaming titles are overshadowing classic works of art and fiction.

Moreover, the online multiplayer community has been growing exponentially which seems to set off the demand and value for indie games in today’s age. Nintendo has been doing a wonderful job in this department and we expect quality content to pool out from the stream.


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