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No Man’s Sky Beyond Is Here – The Next Major Update To Revive No Man’s Sky!

No Man Sky is set to receive what seems to be the biggest update in its history ever. The new update is dubbed No Man’s Sky BEYOND and is set to release this summer. A teaser trailer along with some details have been revealed regarding the update and they seem to be very worthwhile to look at. 2019 may just be the year No Man’s Sky redeems itself.

No Man’s Sky was the game that got everyone hyped up for its release, but, on its launch, it backfired as the game failed to meet expectations of players. Instead, players found out that all the hype was based on lies. The game was missing features at launch and multiplayer support was not there. There were talks of adding the promised features and more via DLC which made players despise the UK based game studio at the time.

The game started getting major updates in the form of chapters that added features and improved the game. The fourth major update that released last year, No Man’s Sky NEXT, was the first to add multiplayer support and it was well received. But, it failed to completely capture the multiplayer experience that No Man’s Sky could have been. That leads us to our latest news, No Man’s Sky BEYOND.

Whilst planning out the roadmap ahead for the game, the team decided to combine the next three big major updates into one. The result, No Man’s Sky BEYOND. No part of the update will be in the form of DLC and it will be completely free for all players.

Only a single aspect of the update has been revealed, the multiplayer component, which was supposed to be a major update in itself. The multiplayer component of the update is named “No Man’s Sky Online”. The update shall add a new social element whilst improving on the current core multiplayer elements. This should improve the multiplayer experience of players by a lot. No Man’s Sky Online will not require a subscription and it will be free from all microtransactions.

More information about the update shall be released as summer approaches as two major parts of the update remain to be revealed. Nevertheless, the upcoming summer update of 2019 is one that players will not forget and probably are very excited for.

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