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One Piece World Seeker Opening Cutscene, Release Date Approaches.

The long-running anime One Piece has given its fans many memorable moments over the years. With over 850 anime episodes and still counting, It is one of the biggest anime series anime fans have yet seen. Over the years many game adaptations have come for the series but, not one game comes close to being this good as the latest entry in the series, One Piece World Seeker with its first teaser trailer debuting way back in Dec of 2017.

Published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and developed by Ganbarion in the Unreal Engine 4, Be sure to expect great graphics, movement, mechanics, and a great game overall and don’t worry this won’t turn out like jump force as it is developed by another studio thankfully. As for those of you worrying about the game not doing justice to the anime, don’t worry as the game features the main talent of the One Piece anime, it’s producer Hiroki Kayoma from Toei Animation.

One Piece World Seeker Opening Cutscene, Release Date Approaches. 4

The game has a lot in store for players with beautiful graphics and art style with what seems to be an open world set in Jail Island located in the New World. Players can explore this open world Island with the series main protagonist, Monkey D.Luffy. Play as Luffy from a third-person perspective with all his abilities and powerups, roam around the land at high speeds with his rubber features and techniques like the Gum Gum Rocket and blast away your enemies with his abilities like the Gum Gum Bazooka.

The game should please long fans of the series as the game is shaping out to be very good, unlike the not so good anime adaption game, Jump Force. At first sight, the game looks very good and seems to have good mechanics, storyline, graphics etc. But, only time will tell if this game is a masterpiece loved by fans of the series and newcomers, or if it’s just another Jump Force with only One Piece characters.

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