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OnePlus 7 Would Skip On Wireless Charging This Year, Confirms OnePlus CEO

With MWC 2019 finally over, OnePlus’s Pete Lau, just like previous launches, has revealed that the upcoming OnePlus 7 would lack wireless charging.

In an interview with the folks over at CNet, OnePlus’s Pete Lau confirmed the absence of wireless charging in this year’s OnePlus 7. According to Pete Lau, OnePlus is still focusing on its Dash Charging technology and has aims to push its technology further without any intervention from the whole wireless charging hype. Furthermore, OnePlus’s CEO also noted that the company does not deem wireless charging as a worthy feature and therefore would be skipping on it this year.

OnePlus 7 Would Skip On Wireless Charging This Year, Confirms OnePlus CEO 4

If the next OnePlus flagship were to pack wireless charging, it would have been a first for the company following the adoption of the technology from its rivals with the most notable rival being Xiaomi. Last week’s Xiaomi Mi 9 launch introduced a ton of goodie bags in Xiaomi’s favor, among few breakthroughs and features that introduced with the Xiaomi Mi 9 had to be its charging capabilities as well as the addition of a wireless charging out of the box. Adding salt to the wound, Xiaomi’s pioneering has put itself on top of the game with the Xiaomi Mi 9 being capable of supporting wireless charging and that too, at 20W, setting new industry standards.

With the folks over at OnePlus now making these calls a standard prior to their launches, it seems like OnePlus may be looking for feedback with the next OnePlus device, the OnePlus 7T when it launches towards the end of 2019. With Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple, and other now aboard the wireless charging hype, it seems like the OnePlus 7 would be a loner among its rivals when questioned about the feature.

However, with all that aside, even with all of the years wireless charging has been with us, wireless charging hasn’t caught on to the masses yet. Whether the massive adoption from the likes of Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung change that is yet to be seen, but the point is that it doesn’t seem to be a deal-breaker at this point. And if it is, hopefully, OnePlus would include it in the OnePlus 7T refresh later this year.

With Pete Lau confirming the news, it finally puts one of our speculations for the upcoming OnePlus 7 to rest. Hopefully the rest reign to be true given that speculating the upcoming OnePlus 7’s hardware wouldn’t be that hard or that off from the real deal.

Given that OnePlus has made their visits to large publications the norm prior to their launches, often revealing daunting news for some, OnePlus would definitely be sure to make everyone aware of the feature before the OnePlus 7 arrives.

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