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Pokemon GO’s Revenue Grew By 30% Over Last Year

The Pokemon franchise is one of many smartphone titles which have grown exponentially when it comes to revenues and continue to grow at a steady rate despite more and more competition. Pokemon GO out of all has been the most influential, with its release causing a storm in 2016 and allowing it to climb to the top.

As per a report by Sensor Tower, the franchise made a whopping $2.5 billion to date. Out of the revenue, Pokemon GO accounted for a $2.45 billion player spending. The majority of the spendings came from the US accounting for over 35% of all revenue or $875 million and then came to Japan with a 29% or approximately $725 million shares.

The titles combined make up nearly 640 million individual downloads since 2014 with Pokemon GO claiming 86% of those total sales. As for last month’s report, the numbers increased by over $58 million globally surpassing last year’s revenue by 30%. The game itself seems to grow at a ready and steady pace and with an, in-app purchase system Niantic is headed in the right direction. The hype which was considered to have settled down once for an over hyped AR title has still proven its worth and continues to dominate the smartphone app market.


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