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PUBG Mobile Imposes A 6 Hour Play Limit In India – Poses As A Health Reminder

The craze for PUBG Mobile continues on at a steady rate as the title crosses past its 1st anniversary. The title has gained a lot of traction in the mobile market despite tough competition. With gamers spending a huge chunk of their time on the game itself, PUBG Mobile has decided to test a 6-hour limit in India.

It was not long when the UN considered gaming a health disease and taking a look at Mobile gamers these days, it really shows how such addiction can manipulate the minds of young folks. The new feature shows a health reminder once a player has spent over 6 hours on the game. The message reads,

PUBG Mobile Imposes A 6 Hour Play Limit In India - Poses As A Health Reminder 4

“You’ve played the game for 6 hours today, please come back tomorrow at 5.30AM”

Some might argue that a 6-hour time limit is still a lot considering that it takes up about one fourth the time of a day. But the fact is that many have embraced the game as their sole goal and have gone all out pro. With professional tournaments going on solely for PUBG Mobile, a six-hour time limit definitely seems a short time. Some folks think that the developers have taken a positive step to address the situation and stopped the addiction to escalate however there are two sides to every story.

Tencent has taken a positive step nevertheless, for an addiction constantly increasing among younger gamers it definitely needed to be addressed and has set the bar at 6 hours seems fair and square. Many have contradicted the decision stating that the limit should be around the 3-hour mark. The decision itself is definitely worth noting but won’t really stop addicts from playing the game. Unfortunately making a new PUBG Mobile account is pretty straight forward and enthusiasts would take every measure to bypass the ban. What Tencent would need to do is either block the IP of the user or hardware ban the device used to play the game.

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